Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences
First Annual Board Conference - April 7, 2010

Conference Papers

NEW (4/30/10)Virginia MCLE Certification Form

The Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences, co-hosting with the USPTO Legal Society, is holding a one-day conference at which a distinguished panel of speakers will discuss topics relevant to appeals before the Board.  The following papers and slides are listed by session. 

I. State of the Board

    State of the Board (slides) - UPDATED 4/7/10

II. A View Behind the Curtain                                        

    A View Behind the Curtain: BPAI Decision Making Process (paper) -UPDATED 4/8/10      
    A View Behind the Curtain: BPAI Decision Making Proces (slides) - UPDATED 4/8/10

III. Practice Tips: Top Ten Mistakes
    Non-Compliant Appeal Briefs (slides)
    Effective Appellate Advocacy in Ex Parte Appeals before the BPAI (paper) 

IV. Winning Your Non-Obviousness Case at the Board

Winning a Non-Obviousness Case at the Board (paper)
    Winning a Non-Obviousness Case at the Board (slides)
   Affidavit/Declaration Evidence Addressing § 103 Rejection (slides)

V. Inter Partes Reexam

    Inter Partes Reexamination Panel Questions (slides)
    Patent Reform Amendment (pdf of proposed amendments)
    Suggestions for Improving the Rules for Inter Partes Reexaminations: Another Look (paper)
    Staffing Post Grant Review Matters at the USPTO Today and Tomorrow (paper)

VI. Panel with Federal Circuit Judge(s) – Role of the Board

    BPAI-CAFC Statistics (slides)


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