Executive Board & Committees

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Shaila Settles

Vice President
Eric Golightly

Erich Leeser

Charles Rones


Mentoring Committee:

  • Mission: The purpose of the Mentoring Committee is to provide junior attorneys the opportunity to dialogue with Senior level attorneys and gain insight into career experiences at the USPTO.
  • Mentors (membership encouraged )
    • o Offer research tasks for mentees
    • o Respond to general IP questions from mentees
    • o Respond to questions specific to their department
  • Mentees (membership required)
    • o Volunteer to participate in a research task
    • o Contact participating mentors for general IP questions
    • o Contact participating mentors for questions related to a specific department
Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Committee:

On an almost bi-weekly basis, the CLE committee collects information and sends out an email newsletter to members listing CLE events in Intellectual Property Law and other related legal areas (e.g., technology law). When the USPTO Legal Society hosts CLE events, the CLE committee collects all necessary information, completes, and submits a requests for Virginia CLE credit from the State Bar of Virginia. The CLE Committee further supports non-Virginia attorneys by providing information and guidance for the attorney's individual application for CLE credit in other jurisdictions (upon request). The CLE Committee offers support and advice to CLE event organizers including how to optimize credit for USPTO Legal Society events, and has recently provided information on obtaining CLE credit to the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences First Annual CLE event. Finally, the CLE Committee provides general support and assistance to the Executive Committee of the USPTO Legal Society to address other needs of the organization.

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